The little things

Its amazing finding your purpose in life, or at least realize the stuff that brings you the outer most happiness. I didn’t realize till a few months ago which was the thing that tickle me in that way, and the process was so subtile that I didn’t even noticed it.  You can call it a purpose, a calling, a thing, but it has brought me joy this past years in a way I cannot even describe, but I’ll sure as hell try.

I’ll start to call myself a Collateral Beauty hunter!

I was talking to Phillip about this just a few hours ago. -Have you ever found yourself in front of something or someone that’s so overwhelmingly beautiful that you just cry?- I have found myself craving for this moments, hunting them down and finding them in the simplest of things.

Climbing a mounting and with that sense of accomplishment along with a beautiful scenery makes the perfect Collateral Beauty moment.

I’ve had a few of this moments in my life but definitely 2017 was FILLED with them and I’m so grateful for the people, pets, places that took part of it!

It was a hard year but along with it I found myself been more grateful for the things I lost that were a burden for my personal growth, no attachment just let go with a big thank you. Also with such a hard time in our country I couldn’t be more bless to have the friends and family I have, and the many more I’ve made in such though times. There’s Collateral Beauty in that too. I cannot deny that the simplest of things become so damn important after a difficult time like the one we had this last September. Life is such a precious, wonderful, and rare thing. I’m just amazingly surprised I never saw it with the eyes I see it today. Can it be I’m finally becoming the person I always dream out to be? Or am I just getting old and going trough a midlife crisis?  Anyway… the best is yet to come. Happy 2018!

2017-11-12 18.57.25


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