This is a love letter

So, in recent days I just had a videocall with this person. The recipient of this love letter, I was telling her that for me is very weird how some people come into your life and you immediately feel like there is a connection, and pure love pores out for someone that you just have meet. That is the case with this person and this love letter comes to her on the day of her bday as a little present, since I cannot give her the hug and kiss I’d love to give her on her day! So here it is, from the bottom of my heart to you… TAMMY, MY SWEET TAMIFLU:

I think love comes from a place of gratitude, and this is one of the strongest feelings I have for you, GRATITUDE, for showing me so many things about yourself that are a reflection of the person I aspire to be.

Your soft approach to life has tough me that there is no need to scream and shout to be heard, though is one of the things that is very hard for me to change, I aspire to just flow the way you do with your own very beautiful and straight up voice.

The way that you have learned to hear your own body and have manage to even teach it what’s best for your mental and physical state and manifest it is so inspiring, YOU ARE SO INSPIRING!

Tammy, you are the strongest, most beautiful, compassionate, BRAVE, smart, witty human been I’ve ever meet, I’m so very much in love with you, you know it, I’ve told you this so many times. And let’s remind all of the people that you might share this love letter with… our love is not romantic! Tammy and I love each others souls, we see in one another the compliments that we as whole need to remind ourselves of how incredible as individuals we are.

I’ve learned so very much from you, and every single time we have spent together is absolutely magical and sometimes is so, so, soooooo very simple!, just closing our eyes together on the top of a hill, or look at a beautiful road and share the beauty of it with a touch of magic that only 2 soulmates like you and I could share. Laughing is our specialty, we laugh at all kinds of stupid stuff: our very, veeery different taste of men, our very, veeeery diferent way of eating, driving, going trough life, but those exact things are the ones that spice up our time together, it is so much fun, so intricate, and yet so simple, so easy.

I have to thank you for your patience, for your always lovely advise, that reminds me that there’s nothing more important that my own peace of mind, thank you for showing me the forgotten beauty of my country and for loving it so very much, thank you for the time shared, the camping tips, the reminders of the gifts that solitude brings you and for showing me that I am important, I am loved, and that FUCK THAT GUY! that comes along with it from time to time. Thank you for your braveness, for your love to your family, for pursuing your dreams, for recognizing the limits of your knowledge and for asking for help with this humbleness that characterizes you.

Tammy this is just a reminder of all the magnificent things you are and that I aspire to be. When I grow up, I would love to be half of the person you are. Remember your power, your beauty, your braveness, your humbleness, your true self always.

Soulmates come in the form of friends too, it’s not just about romance sometimes is your best friend who makes you feel whole and who understands you the most when the rest of the world doesn’t understand you at all.

Happy bday Tamiflu… love you lots!

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